Uncertain Times

It has only been several centuries since humanity settled down into permanent communities, having mastered the arts of agriculture and animal husbandry. There are no gods to be worshiped, no magic, no good and evil. Otherworldly beings and proto-deities still can be found wandering the Material Plane. Power is held by those with the force to back it up. Any petty warlord that can get his hands on some muscle can lay claim to a stretch of land, but had better be prepared to defend it from others like him. The closest thing to organized government is a set of Houses, which are only set apart from upstart warlords pillaging the countryside is that they are slightly more organized and command more troops. Though recently, the larger Houses have expressed interest in uniting the whole of humanity, a concept that is reviled by many of the fiercely independent tribes that live on the frontiers of known human lands. And so they struggle amongst themselves, each hoping to be the one to do it. The PCs can choose to fight for the autonomy of individual communities, the order of a powerful House, or simply for whoever pays the best. It is a good time to be an adventurer.

Barbarian Kingdoms